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The Universidade de Lisboa (ULisboa) considers the use of digital technologies as a fundamental point of a continuous strategy of modernization of teaching and learning practices of its own community.

The e-Learning Lab, established in 2010, is responsible for providing support in the implementation of an e-learning program in the university. In 2013, it became a project of the Rectory and has continued the development of initiatives of promoting and also integrating new technologies and interactive communication tools into the lecturing practice.  Therefore, the following strategic objectives have been determined:

  • promote digital inclusion and access to knowledge through technological mechanisms that are adapted to the different needs of students;
  • promote the development of digital competences and the use of modern technologies for supporting teaching through academic staff training;
  • support the development of multimedia content that contributes to a more effective learning of students;
  • develop initiatives that give international visibility to the ULisboa;
  • create means of dissemination of the ULisboa schools ’training offers as well as their educational and scientific projects through different web environments;
  • support the development of postgraduate and continuous education courses on a blended or fully online learning formats;
  • support the technological update of teaching practices and the continuous development of pedagogical competences of the academic staff of the ULisboa to encourage the use of technologies and to valorise their relationship with the students.