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Cooperation Agreements

Acordos de Cooperação

Cooperation Agreements

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The Universidade de Lisboa (ULisboa) has been actively involved in international scientific and academic cooperation by establishing specific collaboration agreements with about 500 universities and research institutes in over 60 countries. Overall, the objective is to promote mutual participation in research projects and the exchange of academic staff and students in recognition of the research and training quality offered by ULisboa.

International Cooperation Agreements


Fernanda Vasconcellos
Tel.: +351 210 443 555
E-mail: fernandavasconcellos@reitoria.ulisboa.pt

José Costa
Tel.: +351 210 443 554
E-mail: josemcosta@reitoria.ulisboa.pt

Draft of Cooperation Agreements – ULisboa
| General Cooperation Agreement
| General Cooperation Agreement - Brazil
| General Cooperation Agreement - English

| Addendum to the Cooperation Agreement
| Addendum to the Cooperation Agreement - Brazil
| Addendum to the Cooperation Agreement – Brazil - English

| Specific Agreement (mobility)
| Specific Agreement - Brazil
| Specific Agreement - English